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There are no forevers; only moments full of them - something my best friend wrote to me in an email about living the moment and remembering it's beauty forever. During the last 10 years, I have fallen in love with the gift that is capturing fun, beauty, love and happiness in a still image eternalising those moments.

When I'm not taking photographs of my two year old daughter, Lilly, or of my clients, I am a Senior Lecturer at UCL teaching Childhood Studies and Children's Rights. I spent 3 years working with street girls in Cairo, Egypt while doing research for my PhD and came home to marry Shariff and have Lilly.


When Lilly was born, she didn't breath for 16 minutes and due to a traumatic birth, ended up with lots of bruises and spent a lot of time in NICU. This meant I didn't get any lovely new born photos and this made me really appreciate the gift that is photography even more. I have since definitely more than made up for the lack of those photos  with a personal library of over 68,000 photos!

I specialise in taking photos that remind you of the best moments you've lived and shared with loved ones in family and childhood photo sessions. I also capture the best version of who you are in professional headshots! Event and street photography are also my specialty, documenting the little moments you've set the event up for, or that you've missed because you've been busy being a brilliant host! If you would like me to eternalise those moments with your loved one, on days out or at a special event, do get in touch; I would love to be part of your magic memories. 

For your peace of mind, I'm fully insured and I attend courses at the world's prestigious London School of Photography.

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