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What Should I Wear

You are, of course, free to wear whatever anything in your wardrobe - after all, the best photos come from feeling comfortable in what we're wearing and where we are! What I personally recommend, however, is that you dress according to the season; neutral, soft, muted colours in Spring and Summer and layers and chunky knits of berries, jewel tones and cream, stone and browns for Autumn and Winter... do try to avoid primary colours and block patterns as they can distract away from the moment being captured in the photo! 

What Happens if it's Raining on a Day We Booked an Outdoor Session?

If it's raining and the soft golden sun isn't shining down on the day we've booked, let's rebook! I will usually check the weather a few days before hand and will get in touch by text or email to see if you'd like to reschedule. If the weather surprises us on the day and unpredictably rains, we'll arrange another day, so don't worry - we'll make it work. As a mum, I also understand that children get sick quite often, so if we need to rebook a session this is totally fine.

My Child Doesn't Like Sitting Still, will the Session Still be a Success?

I'm so glad that you're little one doesn't sit still! The best photos are taken of children who are lively and want to explore their surroundings. There is always enough time for demand feeding, tantrums, smiles and tears! I have also found the best photos are of those children who are left to act totally as they wish - not only does it result in a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful photos, but the photographs you get will also be special because they will remind you of the hundreds of times your child pulled that face, or did that thing they always do. 

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