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Leon Westnedge

Horley, UK

Honestly, Nelly is the only photographer we will be recommending to anyone in the future!
My wife and I celebrated our marriage on the 2nd September.
It's true what they say about weddings; they pass in a blur as you move from guest to guest and ensure that everything runs smoothly! I am therefore SO grateful that Nelly was there to capture our day for us. Not only are the photos beautiful but Nelly was wonderful. She captured every important moment from the ceremony through to our first dance and literally went above and beyond to ensure we had some gorgeous Bride & Groom pictures. People often comment on weddings about the dress, the cake, the food etc - but most of the comments I have received post wedding are "your photographer was amazing!" And we have to agree - I cannot thank you enough Nelly - you truly are AMAZING!

Anna Moody

London, UK

Beautiful shots, beautiful person!! Professional, approachable and very considerate of a (very stressed) Bride to be. It's hard to believe Nelly is a new photographer, she is incredibly gifted and knows exactly how to get the 'right' angle at the 'right' time. 
Thank you capturing my best friends special day so magically.

Carmen Cheng


Not only can Nelly take amazing photos. She has made friends with my little boys who found her hilarious and made everyone feel at ease. It's like having a good friend over for a cup of coffee, who happens to be taking beautiful photos of your family. 
We are all so thrilled about the photos and can't wait to show them off to our family and friends! Thank you Nelly! xxx

Laura Reeve

London, UK

As someone who gets incredibly nervous when having my photo taken I was so lucky to have found Nelly who just put me at ease at once! She was very patient and wasn't prepared to leave until she knew that I was happy with the outcome. Would highly recommend! Thanks Nelly!

Ben White

London, UK

"Nelly simply takes the best photos of our son Jackson and we are truly blessed to have our precious moments captured in the most amazing way!"

Laura Nicholls

London, UK

"Nelly is a wonderful photographer and such a lovely person. She has a real eye for detail and an ability to capture the most precious moments. She has been with us on many special occasions from birthdays to christenings and captured so many treasured memories. Highly recommended!"

Emma Harakis

London, UK

"Amazing, amazing photographer! Manages to capture perfect natural photos. I can 100% recommend her - she is fantastic and has a real, natural ability to take that perfect moment!"

Danya Nimir

London, UK

We (my husband, 1 year old son and I) met Nelly (and her camera) at our friend's celebration. Not only is she a pleasure to meet, but her photography is truly magical! Nelly made what seemed to be a very casual and spontaneous moment (Nelly: "want to take a picture?" Me holding my restless son: "aaah, ok... why not?!"... then called for my husband to jump in the shot) into a beautifully precious moment. Without using any props, toys or flashing lights Nelly was able to make my son's frown turn upside down! I was so impressed! He loved her personality and silly faces :) Thank you so much Nelly! Thank you for taking our picture, for capturing a priceless family moment and for making our son laugh.

Walla Keshk

London, UK

Nelly came to a gathering celebrating my daughter and everyone fell in love with her and her camera...even those who are camera shy (myself) just felt so comfortable. She is the most amazingly talented and utterly creative photographer ever! I cannot recommend Nelly Ali enough..she has a certain magic about her and a special connection with children and can capture the most perfect details with a natural innocence about them that the naked eye misses.

Thank you for capturing these special moments for us forever!

Marlise De Villiers

London, UK

About two weeks ago Nelly did a photo shoot for us - she suggested doing it in two separate sessions in two different locations and we had endless fun with her! She's incredibly creative and has a true talent for capturing a moment perfectly - her photos speak a 1000 words! She's gentle and loving - especially important for when taking photos of children. Nelly was incredibly fast in getting the final photos to us and very professional - yet nothing was to much of an ask... the photos she took are some of the most wonderful professional photos I've ever seen! We can't wait for our next photo session! Thank you Nelly for bringing your positivity - creativity and passion into our home and bringing out the best in all of us, resulting in absolutely breathtaking photos!

Safa Shabaan

London, UK

Nelly captures the moment like no other, I simply adore her photos!

Sam Ibrahim

London, UK

Perfect pictures everytime..Nelly captures the best moments and brings out the best in each individual. Her pictures are striking and seem to tell a story. Very professional... Amazing photos ..would definitely recommend 

Sophie Tolba

London, UK

Such a warm and friendly person with amazing photography skills. The photos capture many moments I missed ( looking for the wipes/ pushing buggy/ picking up mango slices!) and I'm grateful that you were there to capture them. A day in the park ended with us having an album of beautiful memories that we shall treasure. Thank you!

Joice Foo

London, UK

"A picture tells a thousand words. Nelly's pictures are an autobiography. We asked Nelly to photograph our Mandarin toddler sessions and were beyond ecstatic when we saw what she had captured through her lens. There's talent. And then there's Nelly Ali."

Amira Aly

London, UK

More than just a skilled photographer, Nelly knows how to bring out the beauty in all she sees. She captures the heart and soul of the events she photographs and the people she takes pictures of. Highly recommended for all your photography needs: you'll get wonderful pictures, meet an exceptional human, and make a great friend!

Debbie Epstien

Cambridge, UK

"Nelly is such a gifted photographer of people, specially children, but also of nature!"

Tallie Bear


Nelly has a real eye for capturing the innocence of children. Her photos have an ageless quality.

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